We aim to stock all you need to get growing from seeds & compost, to plant food and pest control. If you're just starting 
we're happy to advise you and if you're an old hand we'd love 
to hear your stories.
Seed Potatoes
We stock only certified seed so that your spuds can have the best start.
First Earlies
Red Duke of York
Sharps Express
Second Earlies
British Queens
 Main Crop;
Kerr's Pinks
Golden Wonders
King Edwards
Maris Pipers
Sapo Mira
Onions, Garlic & Leeks
Onion Sets are easy to grow and very productive. We stock both traditional white onions and also the milder red onions. Garlic is also easy to grow from cloves. Leeks are slow to bolt making them an excellent winter veg. We also stock shallots and scallion seeds & plants.
Their are several varieties of cabbage although the York types including 'Greyhound' are of most interest to traditional cabbage growers. They mature quickly and give a nice compact head. We stock both seed and plants.
Peas & Beans
Peas and beans are relatively troublefree. There are many types, most needing support, but some such as broad beans self supporting. The large size and quick germination of the seeds make them great for kids.
Carrots & Parsnips
The textbooks say that carrots need sandy soil to produce long cylindrical roots. However, well cultivated ground will give reasonable results. The odd forked carrot is just as tasty. We stock Carrot Root Fly resistant varieties.
Cauliflower, Broccoli, Brussels Sprouts, kale, KohlRabi, Pak Choi and many more are all in the cabbage family. We stock all of these and more as both plants and seeds.
Tomatoes & Cucumbers
Tomatoes usually thrive best in a glasshouse, but there are some varieties which give good results even outside. Choose a sheltered (from wind) position with as much sun as possible, and keep an eye on the watering when small (not too much or too little).
The tradional Swede Turnip has a unique popularity in Irish gardens and few vegetables are as easy to grow and give such results.
Lettuce & Salads
There are so many kinds of lettuce available to grow now it's hard to knowwhich to choose; Butterhead, Cos, Lollo Rossa, Iceberg... It can be easier just to grow a mixed packet of seed. Whichever you grow, the key is sowing a little and often to get a sucession going. Easier said than done, some is bound to bolt. Once it does, it's time for the compost heap.
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